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Font size is STILL a problem. It has been 10 months, is a known problem for many. Published fixes do NOT work. Turning off "default layout" isn't a solution. I have loved OverDrive for years but I rarely use it on my Ipad2 as downloaded library books are basically unreadable.

Cant open books with new update

Please fix this problem!

Bug from the update

I cannot access to the programme from the update on february 2016. Please fix

New version Not working !!

This new version is not working! Each time I try to open an ebook, overdrive crushes. I tried everything, turn iPad on-off, delete and reinstall overdrive etc. it simply continues to crush. I have an iPad mini and am based in france.


I have just done the new update but it is still crashing. Please try and fix it as i miss reading on my Mini.

Downloads impossible

In spite of following all the help instructions, the app continues to crash every time I try to download an e-book. For the past month I have only been able to read books on line. Very frustrating.

Overdrive excellent

I have been using Overdrive for borrowing library books for 8 years and have been impressed by the efficient way they handle borrowing and returning of books. I can place titles I find into a list for later borrowing and shortlist titles onto a hold list for immediate, automatic borrowing as they become available. Overdrive is excellent! I would recommend its use over kindle, iBooks and Digital Editions, which I have also tried previously.

Doesnt open ePub files on iPad Mini

The app crashes every time I try to open an ePub file, so I have to remember to download the Kindle version instead. Otherwise, I like the app well enough and the fact that I can sync my Overdrive account across multiple devices.

Great app!

I love this app. Help me a lot. (:

Constantly Crashing...

... especially while trying to download content. Was not able to read a single line so far - Unusable!!!

Problems since last update

Since the latest update, the app keeps crashing, stops working in the middle of a download or wont even download and takes forever! I wish I could go back to the last version!

Bugs in latest version

My bookmarks are not syncing between devices since the latest app update. I have looked everywhere for help or for a place to give feedback. I hope this is going to be addressed.

Does what you would expect

This app lets you read books from your library. Works well.


I like this App and use it about one a week.


Its not the best experience, but it does its job perfectly. I love listening to audiobooks with Overdrive.

simplicity itself

A paradise to use compared to other library apps that Ive tried to use.

Four stars

The App was 5* - until the last update


No longer functions. Crashes when trying to open books.

Awesome app!

Thanks for the Updates!

Craching all the time

App is still crashing by opening the books.

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